Friday, October 21, 2011

Turn An Outfit Into a Room: Sexy Sophisticate

Once again, Viktor's design on Project Runway Season 9 last night wowed me! It was sleek, modern, and glamorous. I thought it looked great coming down the runway and I thought it would look even better as a room!

Black is a fantastic neutral in that it always glamorous and in style (ahem, the little black dress). The mirrored accents of the top and fine tailoring also help to keep this look super glam. The black is a perfect combination with the futuristic pants. I love the organic and random pattern on the completely tailored, and clean line of the pants. The feminine aubergine and sleek shape of the pieces creates a sophisticated sexy look.

This aesthetic was the perfect inspiration for a parlor room. Clean lines, fine materials, and a bit of bling accents created a glamorous and modern room that I'd love to have in my home!

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