Friday, October 28, 2011

Turn an Outfit Into a Room: Urban Chic

All the designers on last night's Project Runway Season 9 finale did an amazing job. Each of the designer's collections were thoughtfully designed and amazingly constructed, making for a huge impact coming down the the runway!
While there were pieces from each collection that I wanted hanging in my closet right away, Kimberly Goldson's elevated urban girl collection won me over completely. From piece to piece I was in awe. I thought it was a 'ready to wear' collection and I was ready to wear it! I loved the rich colors, the fine fabrics, and the sophisticated yet sexy silhouettes.

If this collection were turned into a room, I bet it would look something like this...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Turn An Outfit Into a Room: Sexy Sophisticate

Once again, Viktor's design on Project Runway Season 9 last night wowed me! It was sleek, modern, and glamorous. I thought it looked great coming down the runway and I thought it would look even better as a room!

Black is a fantastic neutral in that it always glamorous and in style (ahem, the little black dress). The mirrored accents of the top and fine tailoring also help to keep this look super glam. The black is a perfect combination with the futuristic pants. I love the organic and random pattern on the completely tailored, and clean line of the pants. The feminine aubergine and sleek shape of the pieces creates a sophisticated sexy look.

This aesthetic was the perfect inspiration for a parlor room. Clean lines, fine materials, and a bit of bling accents created a glamorous and modern room that I'd love to have in my home!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Turn An Outfit Into a Room: Seriously Structured

In an attempt to earn herself the chance to design a collection to walk the runway at New York's fashion week, Kimberly took a risk with color in her design in last night's Project Runway (season 9). The judges were not a fan of the color combo, but rewarded her the chance of a lifetime based on her overall design concepts and abilities. The looks she created were seriously structured but kept youthful and playful through the use of materials and colors.

Apart from bold color, Kimberly's designs are kept interesting by structure and asymmetry. These concepts will always capture and hold the eyes of a viewer. Kimberly's mix of these, along with with color and glamorous details made for a winning design in my opinion.

This design concept can be translated into a living room setting by using structured, tailored furniture with clean lines and detailing such us button tufting and fine stitching. To keep it glam and modern use materials such as sleek leather, silk, and velvet. Items with a higher sheen are more modern. Mix these different materials in the same color tone so that you can add one good punch of color such as the tangerine that Kimberly used.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Turn An Outfit Into a Room: Soft and Feathery

Viktor's cockatoo-inspired gown may not have pulled out a win on last night's Project Runway, season 9, but it did win on my inspiration list. This gown was soft, flowing and romantic. And while it was adorned with feathers, I thought Viktor did an excellent job of strategically placing them so as not to detract from the design but to enhance it.
Restraint in design is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Design, whether it be in fashion or interiors, should look effortless and not at all overworked. The gown above accomplished this with the organic draping of material and just the right amount of color and details to keep the design interesting.
The room below uses the same ideas to create a soft, feminine bedroom with just the right amount of visual interest. This is created with a single pop of bold color against soft neutrals. To keep the monochromatic background from becoming boring, a mix of textures rather than patterns was used so as not to fight with such a bold color accent. The resulting bedroom looks effortless and beautiful.