Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update: Design Makes a Difference!

Check out the latest before and after photos of the South LA Animal Shelter. A special thanks to Kim Rodgers of Bark Pet Photography for providing such great shots. The black and white photo of the terrier mix on the wall is Kim's amazing work as well!

More photos to come when we complete the project later this month!


The Ladies of Ellenor

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Design Makes a Difference!

Last Saturday marked the first work day of Ellenor Industries collaboration with the Lu Parker Project to re-vamp the lobby of a Los Angeles Animal Shelter. We first learned of the project from Lu Parker, KTLA news reporter, author, animal advocate and 1994 Miss USA. Lu invited Ellenor to design a new look for the front lobby of the South LA Animal Shelter. We immediately jumped on board! The shelter had some very specific needs and requests so we worked with all the participating organizations and volunteers to map out a plan.

We started with a bit of research to sense the public's perception of the shelter. People reported it was one of the most depressing and jail like shelters in Los Angeles. The Lu Parker Project and shelter wanted a new look that was cheerful, bright and encouraged more people to come and adopt animals. Below is an overall pan view of the shelter before this project.

We submitted several concepts to the Lu Parker Project Committee. Here is the color scheme they liked best.

On Saturday, all the volunteers came together and we held our first painting party. After many nights and many hours of work from volunteers and professional painters donating their time, the shelter is already looking much better. However, as you can see, there is still much more work to go!

We are also working with some of our best vendors to get upholstery, tables, chairs and other furnishings donated. The fabric for the chairs just came in and is currently being treated to make it more dog-friendly and resistant to moisture...if you know what we mean!

We are also excited to announce that an amazing youth art organization called the Urban Arts Crew is designing and painting murals on several walls of the lobby as well as doing new lettering for the offices and important lobby destinations. Check back in with us after Monday the 19th for the unveiling of the final product!!


The Ladies of Ellenor

Thursday, July 8, 2010

DIY Hanging Lamps

Lighting is a key component of every project in both interior and event design. It is an obvious staple for interiors, however people often forget about the significance of creative lighting for events, big and small. We try to use distinctive lighting pieces for all our projects. This includes dinner parties, birthdays, showers, weddings etc. For example, take a look at the chandelier we used as the focal point for a brightly colored baby shower. We also just decided on 3 large, elegant chandeliers to hang in trees for an outdoor wedding at an equestrian center in May. However, it doesn't need to cost a lot of money to add a unique piece to light up a project. Below are some of our favorite "Do It Yourself" hanging lamp concepts. Get creative with materials and colors. Challenge yourself to use creative lighting at your next event or just to finish off a room. You can find the base for most of these projects (a ceiling cord) at Ikea for only $3.99.

*Our Favorite*
An Ostrich Egg Lamp
From the Ready Made magazine and website

Click here
for instructions

I have seen the eggs sold at a few different Ostrich farms in California. You can find them online as well. How cute would this look in a nursery or child's bedroom?

A Chandelier Upgrade

From -Instructions

I have seen people practically giving away this style of brass chandelier at garage sales.

Hanging Mason Jar Lamp
From Design Sponge- Instructions

This would look great to hang for an outdoor dinner party or just to light up a patio.

An Outdoor Planter Lamp

Also from Design Sponge- Instructions

This is incredibly cheap and clever. You could paint this a bright color and really make it pop.

We would love to hear from anyone who has made a DIY hanging lamp in the past!



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garage Sale Find!

Always see through the dirt to an item's true potential!

My husband and I were jogging over the weeke
nd when we found a garage sale too big to pass by. There was not much I found worth buying except for a filthy, wicker settee. The photo below really doesn't do the dirt justice. I immediately saw its possibilities. After a few minutes back and forth, my horrified husband finally agreed to pay the whopping $25.00 and take it home. We gave it a good cleaning, all weather spray, a new cover for the cushions and a few throw pillows to finish it off.



This settee was originally purchased in the 70's. When working with old wicker, there are often a few spots that need repair. Fortunately, the spots on this piece were around the edges. I was able to use wood glue and a clamp to reinforce the wicker that had popped a little. I also pulled from my enormous stash of multipurpose fabrics to cover the cushions and sew new pillows. I love these colors and patterns because they help pull in all the green and brown shades of our native, contemporary garden.

At Ellenor Industries, we love taking something old and giving it a new look. Recycled furniture has a story, style and quality rarely found in newly produced items. This is the philosophy behind the vintage furniture we sell, as well as the pieces we put in our own homes.

I spent five months waiting for just the right patio settee to come around. Now I can re-focus my search for an outdoor coffee table to match!