Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garage Sale Find!

Always see through the dirt to an item's true potential!

My husband and I were jogging over the weeke
nd when we found a garage sale too big to pass by. There was not much I found worth buying except for a filthy, wicker settee. The photo below really doesn't do the dirt justice. I immediately saw its possibilities. After a few minutes back and forth, my horrified husband finally agreed to pay the whopping $25.00 and take it home. We gave it a good cleaning, all weather spray, a new cover for the cushions and a few throw pillows to finish it off.



This settee was originally purchased in the 70's. When working with old wicker, there are often a few spots that need repair. Fortunately, the spots on this piece were around the edges. I was able to use wood glue and a clamp to reinforce the wicker that had popped a little. I also pulled from my enormous stash of multipurpose fabrics to cover the cushions and sew new pillows. I love these colors and patterns because they help pull in all the green and brown shades of our native, contemporary garden.

At Ellenor Industries, we love taking something old and giving it a new look. Recycled furniture has a story, style and quality rarely found in newly produced items. This is the philosophy behind the vintage furniture we sell, as well as the pieces we put in our own homes.

I spent five months waiting for just the right patio settee to come around. Now I can re-focus my search for an outdoor coffee table to match!



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