Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mix and Match: Suzanis and Stripes!

Want to know how you can successfully use a suzani pattern in your home? Pair it with a stripe! Geometrics are best to pair with a more organic pattern such as suzanis because the hard lines of the geometric will accent the more fluid lines of the other pattern. In this case, opposites really do attract! Stripes, zig zags, or even a geometric lattice patterns all work great with suzanis because of this. Take a look at these fabulous interiors where suzanis were paired with stripes and other geometrics in the space...

Usually when pairing patterns scale is an important thing to keep in mind. If you have a large or open pattern, whether it be floral or geometric, you want to pair it with a smaller or tighter pattern. However with suzanis and stripes, scale can be forgotten! Both small scale stripes and larger scale stripes will work with a suzani. So pick what you love!

Another great thing about picking a pair for your suzani is that you don't have to worry about the color of your stripe! You can pick something coordinating, neutral, or go for a stand out color to be a bit more daring.

With suzanis representing something old worldly and vintage, you don't have to worry about matching the colors exactly. Piece together the colors that you love and you'll come up with a perfectly "mis-matched" look.

However if you prefer a more put together look, the multiple colors found in suzanis can provide you with enough colors to coordinate with.

And of course, neutral stripes are always an option to pair with your suzani.

Now its time to pick your pair... Until next time,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Feeling Squirrely

My dog can't stand them, but I'm going nuts for squirrels these days! Maybe its because lately there have been some fantastic home accessories featuring these little furry creatures. I think if you are a dog owner, you absolutely must put something squirrely in your home... just for fun with your pup. If you're not a dog owner, you should still invite a squirrel into your home with at least one of these accessories. 

Don't think that you don't have to be a squirrel nut to use one of these accessories. You could even be on your dog's side and despise them... but by adding one unexpected piece in a room, you add a bit of fun and whimsy to the space. You catch your guests a little off guard giving them a quick smile. Have fun with your space, and your guests will too! 

Are you wondering where to place your squirrels? Let them peek out from a bookshelf with a vintage print propped up, or use something squirrely as a bookend. The little planters above would look great in a kitchen, and the pillow would be fantastic on an accent chair in your living room or guest bedroom. Framing a few prints and hanging them in your guest bath or kitchen would also be fun! Place these little guys where they are sure to be seen but not right in your face... you don't want to make a squirrel shrine! Let people discover them as they spend time in your home and you'll work with their playfulness.

Throw a squirrel in your room with this CB2 Squirrely Pillow

Jonathan Adler loves squirrels too! He's created some
adorable Squirrel Ring Box and Squirrel Candle Holders!

These cute little planters created Plylones USA let you know when they
need to be watered by the little squirrel that pops up.
When the squirrel is hiding, time for watering! Available at PerpetualKid.com 
Berkley Illustration has a great array of squirrel
prints. I just love the Black Squirrel... so dapper!

Squirrel away your little treasures with this
vintage trinket box from Fruit Fly Pie on Etsy

Vintage Squirrel Bookplate from My Sunshine Vintage on Etsy
Share some love for the little guys!
Squirrel Needlepoint by Kattuna on Etsy.

In this blog what else could S possibly stand for?!
S is for Squirrel Alphabet Print by Holli on Etsy.
Carved Wood Squirrel from Penorus on Etsy would
be a great little accent to add to your shelves.
This is a beautiful and playful shot of a squirrel
titled "Peek" by By The Winter on Etsy

 Until next time!

Monday, August 15, 2011

She Said it Best: Furniture Suites

"Don't buy a bedroom suite, but collect your pieces separately - generally cheaper and always the decorator's way of furnishing."
 - Dorothy Draper, Ideas You'd Pay a Decorator For Good Housekeeping

JC Penney Blakely Bedroom Group
I couldn't agree with this quote more! Buying suites of furniture for any room in your home creates a room that is impersonal and makes the statement that you could not be bothered with putting any effort into your design. Suites of furniture are best left in the showroom, and unless the company is paying you to advertise for them, leave the suite there!

It's always best to pick pieces for your room over time and from different places. Mix in old pieces that have been handed down to you or that you've found at garage sales and local thrift shops with a few other new pieces that you've bought. This will give you a room that is uniquely yours and that fits your specific style and needs for the room. 

Elizabeth Martin put together a gorgeous and unique
bedroom that reflects her clients personality.
Select accessories for your room that are special to you by reminding you of places you've been, fun times, and people in your life.... not just because it was shown with the table in the store.

By putting just a little bit of effort and thought into what you select for your room, you'll come up with a space that you not only love but one that reflects you!

Misson Style Furniture Living Room Suite vs....
A living room with personality by Nate Berkus... no contest!

These days the price tag for an entire suite of furniture can be tempting, but just remember that it really is the cheap way out of decorating... Don't you deserve more? I think you do!

Until next time,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sneak Peek of Ellenor's New Service!

Very soon, Ellenor will launch it's new interior design service Ellenor Postmarked!
Ellenor Postmarked is a virtual interior design service offering a more economical design option that still gives each client the personal attention and guidance that traditional design services provide. After completing a questionnaire and sending measurements/ photos of their space, Ellenor Postmarked will develop a fully integrated design based on their personal needs and style and will guide them through the design process as they complete it at their own pace.

The service includes an inspiration board, floorplan, furniture/lighting/accessory selections, a design analysis explaining everything, budget, shopping list, and a how-to project… all packaged in a beautiful little box and delivered straight to their door! Various packages, including al a carte services, are offered to fit everyone’s needs and budget. So from the beginner who needs assistance designing a room from scratch, to those who simply need a fresh eye in pulling their ideas into a coherent space, Ellenor Postmarked gives everyone the help they need to create a personalized and functional space with a professional’s touch!

By making an affordable option to traditional design services, Ellenor Postmarked can help prevent people from making costly mistakes of buying the wrong things, spending too much time fretting over what to do, or hating the design they come up with. With the service of Ellenor Postmarked everyone can have a room that they are proud of, that is uniquely theirs, and that has a professional's touch.

Ellenor Postmarked provides all the basic tools that you’ll receive with similar services, but our service goes beyond the basics by also providing each client with explanations behind each design selection as well as a “How To” lesson selected specifically for their project. By learning why these design solutions work, we help educate and thoroughly involve the client in their own room design in a way you rarely get with traditional design services.

The new website will be up and running by the end of this month. But until then, you can see more pictures and read more about the service on Ellenor Postmarked's FaceBook Page! Please 'like' the page and share with your friends!

Until next time!