Monday, August 15, 2011

She Said it Best: Furniture Suites

"Don't buy a bedroom suite, but collect your pieces separately - generally cheaper and always the decorator's way of furnishing."
 - Dorothy Draper, Ideas You'd Pay a Decorator For Good Housekeeping

JC Penney Blakely Bedroom Group
I couldn't agree with this quote more! Buying suites of furniture for any room in your home creates a room that is impersonal and makes the statement that you could not be bothered with putting any effort into your design. Suites of furniture are best left in the showroom, and unless the company is paying you to advertise for them, leave the suite there!

It's always best to pick pieces for your room over time and from different places. Mix in old pieces that have been handed down to you or that you've found at garage sales and local thrift shops with a few other new pieces that you've bought. This will give you a room that is uniquely yours and that fits your specific style and needs for the room. 

Elizabeth Martin put together a gorgeous and unique
bedroom that reflects her clients personality.
Select accessories for your room that are special to you by reminding you of places you've been, fun times, and people in your life.... not just because it was shown with the table in the store.

By putting just a little bit of effort and thought into what you select for your room, you'll come up with a space that you not only love but one that reflects you!

Misson Style Furniture Living Room Suite vs....
A living room with personality by Nate Berkus... no contest!

These days the price tag for an entire suite of furniture can be tempting, but just remember that it really is the cheap way out of decorating... Don't you deserve more? I think you do!

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