Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Holiday Decor: Branches!

The simplest holiday decor you can ever do is laying in your yard, or someone else's... Branches! These natural beauties make for the easiest holiday decor that anyone can do!
Gather as many or a little as you can find and you can create a simple yet stunning centerpiece in your home. Place a few in a tall vase, and voila! Leave them bare, or add a few ornaments. This simple arrangement can be a fabulous alternative to a traditional Christmas tree if you don't have the space.
Spend a little time spray painting the branches you collect. Any color, or metallic can really brighten up the look! Ornaments, stockings, garlands, and even jewels can find a home for the holidays on your branches. Just look at a few of these creative and simple ways to display branches.
Several layers of red paint will transform your branches into a beautifully modern way to decorate.  I love the contrast of the birds on this display!

A few larger branches make for a great tree alternative.... 

... Or just a branch or two can be stunningly simplistic! 

Branches give a great opportunity to creatively display your holiday cards. 

Just some fishing wire and nails can really transform your space!  Just be sure it's secure!
No fireplace? No problem! Hang your stockings with care on a branch! 
Next time you're out and about, take notice of just how many branches are out there. You can really do a lot with just a one or two. The possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Holiday Decorating: Wreaths!

Nothing says holidays are here like a wreath on your door! Ranging from classic to modern, there are so many styles of wreaths available and they can really set the tone for the rest of your holiday decorations. Here are some of my favorite holiday wreaths! 
How sweet the holidays will be with this fun candy wreath! 
Jingle all the way! This wreath made with jingle bells is a treat for the eyes and ears! 

This may be one of my favorites, and it's easy to make using thumb tacks! I may just have to try it this year!
Always classic and beautiful. This wreath will never go out of style.

Another festive idea is to use not just one wreath, not even two wreaths, or three, but to make a whole wreath wall! Group several different wreaths of varying sizes and even materials onto one wall. This will make a huge impact in your room and be so festive and fun! 

Like in the photo, you can use the same material for all wreaths and just vary the sizes and the details of each. Another option would be to use wreaths made of all different materials. In this case, I would keep them all about the same size and hang them more uniformly to keep it from looking scattered. 
Whatever wreath you choose, its always a good idea to hang it with a gorgeous holiday ribbon. This just adds one final layer of care and holiday cheer! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Holiday Decorating: Swap out your pillow covers!

A really easy, quick way to bring some seasonal cheer into your space is to swap out your throw pillow covers for holiday themed covers. If your pillows don't have removable covers, don't worry, you can buy just the pillow cover (without the insert) to fit over your existing pillows. And then when the season is done, just unzip, fold and store away for next year!

Here are just a few of the pillow covers available. Some can even be monogrammed for even more  "J - O - Y"