Monday, October 11, 2010

Wicked Wreaths!

I met a woman the other day who said she loves Halloween but doesn't have much time to decorate. She asked me what she could do to the front of her house that was simple, cute and provided holiday spirit. My answer was to decorate like Christmas- a few string lights and a wreath! Sometimes we only associate wreaths with the December holiday but I am seeing more and more Halloween wreaths in stores and hanging on front doors. Below are a few examples:

In order from top to bottom: Monster Wreath from, a Musty Wreath from, A black cedar wreath from and a classic black ribbon wreath from

You can find wicked wreaths in almost any Halloween store these days. With a few of the links to tutorials above, you can also make your own!

Happy Haunting!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cuckoo for Halloween!

Yes, the title is cheesy! But so is my absolute insane love for this holiday!! Every year, my Halloween party and decoration planning begins as early as August. To inspire me, I always begin my Halloween holiday planning with a few episodes of the 1960s series of the Addams Family. This year, I am determined to find a Gothic Clock similar to the crow cuckoo clock in the Addams home. I have done my research and here are a few favorites I have found:

Top Left: A gorgeous piece by Stephan Strumbel. He has many other amazing clocks, all with that same dark undertone and contemporary flare. Top Right: A Target decal. This is an easy solution because it is inexpensive and easy to place and remove later.
Bottom Left: This clock is made by Torre & Tagus and is featured in Diggs Showroom. Bottom Right: This is a fantastic Do It Yourself project featured in Woman's Day online and I think this may also be my choice this year.

I will be crafting away on in in the next few weeks and will post an update with what I come up with! Keep checking in this month for more fun Halloween decorating and party planning tips.

Happy October everyone!!!

Erin of Ellenor