Saturday, July 28, 2012

Turn an Outfit Into a Room: Crazy Girly

On last night's Project Runway, season 10, the designers faced their "Unconventional Challenge" where they had to create a fashionable look using... candy! The variety of candy from Dylan's Candy Bar provided the designers with good n' plenty to work with in way of color and textures and many of the designers were able to use their creative abilities to create "Candy Couture,"as the great Michael Kors stated. However some of the designs were a bit sour.

Buffi Jashanmal is a sweetheart, but her design last night was a bit skittles.... oops, I mead scattered. I love her vibrant personality and ideas, but it seems like she just couldn't channel them into one coherent look. But with a little bit of editing, this outfit could be a great room. 

Take these girly hues and feminine flair and you've got yourself a crazy girly room that's full of fun. Like with last week's design, the key to making this outfit into a successful room is using your pops of color wisely. A neutral background on your walls and floor will allow you to be more bold with your color choices. 

To keep the feminine touch about the room, select furniture pieces that have soft curves. Curves are easily read as feminine, as is a skirt on a sofa... especially when in pink! A lightweight curtain will also help soften the harsher colors of the room. And to keep it from getting out of control, keep the majority of the pieces in solid colors, but you should have one piece that pulls them all together. Here, the curtain is that piece in the room, but the rug also helps without adding any additional pattern. 

While this room is not a relaxing room, it is definitely a room to lift your spirits... or give you a sugar rush. 

Until next time,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turn an Outfit Into a Room: Modern Funk

Another season of Project Runway is upon us, and you know what that means don't you? Another season of Turn an Outfit Into a Room! That's right design lovers check in with Ellenor weekly to see a fashion design transform into an interior design.

However this season will be a real challenge in that the transformation will come from one of the not so successful designs from the runway. We'll see how something that doesn't work as an outfit can be re-imagined to work as room. So let's get started of the premier of...

Turn that (bad) Outfit into a (great) Room!

On last night's premier of Project Runway, season 10, Kooan Kosuke made us all laugh with his quirky and bright personality. But when it came to his runway design his bright personality and bold designs fell short.

But take those same pops of color and funky patterns, shake them up, and lay them out in new way and you can come up with a room that is super cool and modern. The key is using the colors and patterns in a bunch of small doses with an underlying simple background. In this room the walls should be a simple white, and the floors would look best as a light stained wood. This creates a perfect backdrop to allow for bold colors and patterns.

Streamlined furniture and modern materials, such as metals and acrylic, help to punch this room up and achieve some of the futuristic accents that Kooan had in his design. While you may never see yourself walking down the street in this outfit, hopefully you would love hanging out in this modern, funky room.... Ellenor would!

Til next week,