Friday, October 14, 2011

Turn An Outfit Into a Room: Seriously Structured

In an attempt to earn herself the chance to design a collection to walk the runway at New York's fashion week, Kimberly took a risk with color in her design in last night's Project Runway (season 9). The judges were not a fan of the color combo, but rewarded her the chance of a lifetime based on her overall design concepts and abilities. The looks she created were seriously structured but kept youthful and playful through the use of materials and colors.

Apart from bold color, Kimberly's designs are kept interesting by structure and asymmetry. These concepts will always capture and hold the eyes of a viewer. Kimberly's mix of these, along with with color and glamorous details made for a winning design in my opinion.

This design concept can be translated into a living room setting by using structured, tailored furniture with clean lines and detailing such us button tufting and fine stitching. To keep it glam and modern use materials such as sleek leather, silk, and velvet. Items with a higher sheen are more modern. Mix these different materials in the same color tone so that you can add one good punch of color such as the tangerine that Kimberly used.

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