Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best of Valentine's Day: Treats!

No matter how anyone feels about Valentine’s Day, we can’t imagine that anyone can argue with the delicious treats that go along with it. There are pink and red heart-shaped treats galore this time of year, but why not try your hand at making something rather than buying. After all, it does come from the heart.

Lucky for you a heart is a simple enough shape to make and so can be incorporated into the easiest of baked goods, some of which you probably already know how to make! The pancakes shown above were made with a quick swoosh while the batter was still in the pan. Martha Stewart shows this and more in her Valentines gallery. Here are a few easy tools and ideas for you try out this year:

A set of Heart-shaped cookie cutters can be used to make anything you desire into a heart felt treat! This set includes 6 sizes and is a steal from Amazon! Just imagine all of your possibilities!

Jazz up a plain ol’ cupcake with these festive Cupcake Holders. The Bakers Confections shop on Etsy has a great variety of different liners that can match any occasion! But these liners don't have to just hold cupcakes... get creative and use these to hold candy, a scoop of ice cream, or a morning muffin!

Add simple decoration to a basic treat and they'll be delicious, thoughtful, and festive! The edges of these heart shaped cookies were decorated with sugar which make them look so much more special! The same idea can be used with sprinkles or frosting.

Happy baking!


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