Friday, February 11, 2011

The Best of Valentines Day: Decor and Crafts!

So we’ve finally got you in the spirit, huh? Now, let’s get your home in the spirit! Here are some simple crafts that you can make and a few simple design tricks that will instantly give you a Love Shack!

Make your own Heart Garland or Heart Wreath to hang in your home. These are simple and fun crafts for you to do with your kids, your friends, or even by yourself!

This year, buy yourself some flowers! They don’t have to be a splurge, even the classic and inexpensive carnations will do. But this time skip the pre-made arrangements and buy one or two of the types of flowers all in one color. Make your own bunches by varying the textures of similar colored flowers like the images below.

These main bunches should be placed at your most seen area of the home, like your entry table, your main eating table (kitchen or dining room), or family/living room coffee table.

Leave a few steams out and place those in smaller vases throughout your home. A few on the bedside table, in the bathroom, or at the family/living room side table will instantly give your space face lift.

Make red or pink a bit more prominent in your space. Do you have any red-binded books? Group them together on a shelf or give them a more visual location to sit this month. A red bowl, platter, or mug? Put it out on the table with some candy or snacks, or place it by the front door to throw your keys and wallet in, or use these as a temporary vase for a flower or two. A red or pink blanket? Throw it over the side of the sofa or the back of the chair. The more visual you make the holiday colors in your home, the more decorated and put together it will seem. And since these colors are eye catchers, a little will go a long way!

Happy decorating!


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