Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Dish on Dishtowels

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen and give it a new look is through simple accessories. My favorite kitchen accessory to rotate in and out are dishtowels, because they easy and almost always visible. They hang on your appliances, are draped on the counters and almost always live near the sink- a kitchen focal point. I usually keep two different types of towels in my kitchen at any given time. There are the towels I use to actually dry dishes and then the more decorative tea towels to look pretty and dry your hands. Here are a few of my current favorites!

I love the Anthropologie tea towels on top. The dog on the left looks a whole lot like my own pup so I actually bought a set of two the other day.

Below that are Jonathan Adler tea towels. Anything Jonathan Adler always make me happy and these towels are certain to brighten up and modernize any kitchen.

I have met a few die-hard dishtowel collectors in my life, including my own mother, and I am afraid that I may be moving in the same direction!



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