Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy Holiday Decorating: Wall Trees!

One of the joys of holiday decorating is the Christmas tree, but what happens if you don't have space for a full size tree in your Living Room? While the miniature trees are cute, they aren't your only option.
Clear some wall space and create an artistic tree outline. You can use twine, ribbon, painters tape, tree lights, or just about anything you can think of to create this! Check out these great pictures of what people have come up with.
A beautifully drawn Christmas tree done on craft paper and pinned to the wall can be re-used year after year. I love how they added the ornaments and tree topper! 

Use Christmas tree lights and some push pins to create a tree that really lights up the room! 

Simple tape (be sure it's one that won't peel off your paint) can be used for those less artistically inclined. Still a beautiful tree with opportunities for ornaments and a place to stack presents!

I love the dolies used to create this tree! They are so snowflake-like that they are perfect for a wintery, holiday tree! These would also look great against a colored wall! 
Another fantastic idea for a wall tree is to use a chalkboard and draw your tree. If you can't find a chalkboard large enough, then they are super easy to make with a sheet of plywood or canvas cloth and some chalkboard paint. What I love about this idea is that it can become interactive with your friends. Anyone who comes over can draw an ornament on the tree! Then you have a tree filled with fun memories! 
When the season is over, wipe off and use throughout the year as a ever-changing art piece, notepad, or whatever! Or, if you don't want the pressure, you can slide under the bed for next year :)

Happy Holidays! 

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