Saturday, August 4, 2012

Turn an Outfit Into a Room: Sleek, Edgy, and Glam

Last night's Project Runway was a bit underwhelming. The designers were faced with their first team challenge and it seems that everyone toned down their point of view so much that no point was made. There were however a few stand out outfits that could be turned into fabulous rooms, but what kind of challenge would that be for Ellenor? So here we go, from the lowest scoring designs on the runway here is what Christopher Palu and Andrea Katz put together.

With last season's winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee, as their client these designers should have been able to create a look that was fresh, relaxed, and sexy. Unfortunately this dress missed the mark in both identifying with their client and with execution. However pull the same basic ideas from the design of the dress, such as sleek and edgy with a touch of glam and you can put together a pretty good room. 

Streamlined furniture and monochromatic materials create the same basic aesthetic of the dress's design.  Details such as the blown glass lamp and gold accents give just the small bits of glamor to the room to keep it from being too boring. Variations in the same main color also help keep away the blah factor. Leather and industrial elements such as the design of the bar cart and details found in the drum side table, give the edge to the room that the studded leather belt had tried to give in the dress. A palest pink on the walls in a very high sheen would be the perfect way to finish this room.


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