Friday, September 23, 2011

Turn an Outfit Into a Room: Masculine Edge

Viktor pulled out another victory last night on Project Runway (season 9)! This time the challenge was to create a new look for one of the members of an up and coming band. Viktor created a look that was masculine and a bit bohemian... normal enough for the average man but with enough edge for a rockstar!
The distressed denim and leather jacket are staples of masculine wardrobe. However the tailoring of the jeans and incredible detail in the jacket are what make these so much more than simple clothing staples. These masculine materials balance the softness found in the floral shirt. Its these extra details and juxtaposition of materials that create the edge of the design while still using comfortable and recognizable pieces.

The same juxtaposition can be applied to the design of a room. Natural, raw materials countered by tailoring and fine details create a comfortable, masculine aesthetic.

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