Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bright Idea

I'm in the market for some new lamps in my living room. When I do lamp shopping, I love to go around to local antique and second-hand shops, and look at sites like and Craigslist. I love to have one-of-a-kind lamps in a space, I think they just add so much character to a room. That being said, I of course have some favorite retail options! Here are just of few of my favorite lamps off the shelf and under $150...

I love how simple these lamps are, they really could fit into any room! The colorful cord can play up the lamp, or the sleek white cord keeps the lamp in the background. Either way, the simplicity of the lamp keeps it from never going out of style!

This gorgeous lamp is the perfect balance between earthy and modern. I adore the glazing on this lamp base which makes each one unique and have a vintage, one of kind look! The colors in this glaze are neutral enough but can also be pulled out for more of a pizazz in your room.

This adorable little lamp is a steal at this price and is full of design power!

This lamp has an old soul, and that's what I like about it! It may be called a "contemporary" lamp, but I believe that it could work in any room setting. The natural wood base and slightly modern shape is perfectly paired to make for a beautiful lamp.

These task lamps are so beautiful and I absolutely love their vintage look. The colors allow you to pick something more classic like the polished nickel or black or super fun with the colors available. As my "office" selection, these are the best! I love these so much that I have one in my home office.

Shine on!

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