Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seeing Red

Monochromatic rooms are a challenge that many shy away from. To me, this is what makes them so fascinating. They are the rare jewel that, when done successfully, can really shine!

What is a monochromatic room you ask? Well, the definition of "monochromatic" is one color; and so a monochromatic room would be one that is made up entirely of a single color. The problem is, designers usually don't like to limit themselves to a single color... there are just too many good colors and combos out there! This makes finding a true monochromatic room very difficult. However, in the world of interior design there are almost monochromatic rooms… rooms that are made up primarily of one color and accented with just one or two extra colors (usually these are neutrals such as white or black). For our case, these almost rooms is what we’ll be referring to when discussing “monochromatic rooms.“

So, how does one pull off a “monochromatic room?” The key is to play with patterns, textures, shades, and finishes/sheens of the same color. By playing with these different variables of the same color, you keep a monochromatic room from being monotonous.

Designer Miles Redd, photo from Elle Decor

Red has the widest range of symbolism across the world. Depending on the person and culture that is viewing it, red can symbolize joy, life, energy, and passion, and many others all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum, rage. This wide range of association with the color red could be because it is the most psychologically stimulating color.

In interiors, red is bold and will draw attention to itself no matter how it is used. So the amount of red used and the placement of this color will matter greatly on how others will perceive your room. In some cases, this bold color can draw one’s attention to something you want to feature in the room… or draw attention away from something you want to disguise in the room.

Designer Martha Angus, photo from Elle Decor

Designer Jonathan Adler

A red by any other name... Beet, Blood, brick, burgundy, cardinal, carmine, cerise, cherry, claret, crimson, flaming, flushed, garnet, geranium, mahogany, magenta, maroon, Pompeian red, raspberry, rose, rouge, rouge sang, ruby, russet, rust, scarlet, Venetian red, vermilion, wine

Now its your turn to paint the town red! Enjoy!

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