Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Great Bedroom Redo!

I dream of re-doing my bedroom... and then I wake up and realize that I'm on a spending freeze right now so my dream will have to wait. But this doesn't stop me from planning for when I can do it. So, here is my plan for the great bedroom re-do!

I would make a room that was beautifully balanced between masculinity and femininity. A pink and blue scheme with modern furniture pieces. Here's a run down of what makes up the room that I want to wake up to everyday!

1. Right now my bedroom is painted a very pale Robin's Egg blue and I love it! So I would keep it just the same, Benjamin Moore "St. Anne".
2. New curtains are a must! I would get something clean and classic, like Ikea's Aina curtains in bleached linen. These curtains are a steal at just $49.99 for the pair!
3. I would add some detail to the curtains by adding some beautiful trim along the edges. This "Honeycomb" trim is from Kelly Wearstler's collection for Lee Jofa.
4. My existing Ikea Hemnes Dresser is still in good condition and looks good in the room, so I would keep this so that I could splurge on other pieces for the room!
5. I love my existing lamp, so this would be re-used in the room.
6. I would get a new dresser for my husband. The poor man has been using a dresser that we found on the side of the road... no joke! Hey, it looked good, worked well, and the free price tag was just right! Time to upgrade... But since I still love a bargain, I'd buy Ikea's Trondheim 6-Drawer Dresser. I love the modern look and finish of this dresser and I think it would look good with my existing pieces.
7. My beloved chair! Every bedroom needs one and I bought my beautiful chair off the Lee Jofa showroom floor awhile ago. Its upholstered in a fabric by Kelly Wearstler, and it became the single inspiration piece for this great bedroom re-do! I just love the color combination of pinks and blues.
8. Currently my pup's kennel sticks out pretty far into the floor space because the only opening is on the end. But if I got a kennel that opened up from the side, like this one from Amazon, it would not only take up less floor space it could double as a side table next to my chair! I'll just place a pretty tray on top to keep things from falling through.
9. Of course my pup will need to sleep on something comfy in his new kennel, and why not something stylish too?! I love this dog bed from Kissmymut Shop on
10. I need some add some additional light to the room and so I would add a plug-in wall sconce over the full length mirror. I love the look of the Industrial Wall Sconce from West Elm. The adjustable arm on this sconce will allow me to put the light where I need it when I need it!
11. My existing full length mirror has a white lacquer frame. It's a little modern looking and I love it!
12a. New sheets is a must! I love the combination of the Maroc Embroidered Euro Shams and Duvet Cover with the Stripe Sheet Set, both from West Elm. I think this is the perfect combination of modern masculine stripes and soft feminine embroidery.
12b. And since you always need a back up set of bed linens, I would use the Stripe Edge Sheet Set with the Stripe Duvet Cover, again both from West Elm.
13. One thing that I absolutely love about my current bedroom is my upholstered headboard! I don't imagine that I'll ever change this!
14. I also really love my existing bedside lamp, and so this would make it through the re-do.
15. A new bedside table would be great! I love this industrial modern side table from CB2, the Harvey Nightstand in Carbon.
16. Lastly, the other bedside table would remain as is. It matches my Ikea dresser and so everything is tied in. I like having mis-matched bedside tables, it keeps things interesting.

Now, time to put my piggy bank to goo use!

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