Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Throw a Last Minute and Fabulous Super Bowl Party!

So you just decided to have some friends over for the big game… or your house was voted as the place to be for the most important day of football. Either way, you've got to put together a fabulous football party in a short amount of time. Here are some quick tips to be on the winning team this year!
Ready, set, go!

Get your roster and game time set! Study your playing field!
Invite a fun and diverse group of friends and tell them all to arrive an hour before kick off time. But before that, make sure you have enough seats and space for everyone on your list. Since this party revolves around watching TV, you don't want anyone to be left without a seat. Then think about your layout... where will the food and drinks go? Make sure that they won't interfere with the view to the TV!

Get your game plan ready!
Decide if you will be providing all of the food or if this will be a team effort (aka, pot luck).
If it’s a pot luck you should plan on the main dishes so that you are sure to be covered. Then send a quick request to your guests and ask them to tell you what they'll be bringing. Fill in any gaps as you hear back.
If you'll be providing all the food, keep in mind that most people will still show up with something in hand. So have some extra bowls or platters ready. For some great recipes, check these out!

Support your fans!
By having a few other things going on during the game you are sure to involve all of your guests. But to keep the party from becoming too segregated into footballers and non, make sure the activities are still about the game… here are a few ideas:
* Add in some extra excitement to the game by having some fun bets ready. Depending on your crowd, make them as silly or serious as you want! Keep it light though, no big money bets allowed!
* Make some quick and easy team flags or pom-poms for your guests to cheer on their team. They’ll get in the spirit faster than you can say “go team!”
* Have a football bingo game ready for those that aren't super excited about the Super Bowl. Keeping an eye out for a crazy face painter, a green wig, or something else eccentric will keep them interested and involved in the party.
* Remember the days of elementary school? A paper football game is fun too! Or if you have the space, go outside and play a quick game!

Just remember not to force your guests into participating in these activities or let them interfere with the game watching... some people really just want to watch the game (really!).

Be a good sport!
Most importantly relax and have fun, if you are then your guests will be too!

Hopefully these tips will help you and your guests have a SUPER time!


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