Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ones who Bear the Rings

No one will be more handsome than the groom on his wedding day. But in todays weddings, the ring bearers are becoming formidable competitors!

Creativity is becoming key when it comes to bearing the rings. A pillow is not your only option anymore. Just take a look at how some of these handsome boys carried the bling...

To the left: A beautiful wooden box filled with flowers made a pretty place to lay the rings in this nature inspired wedding.

Below: This clever ring bearer carried a pretty book that opens up to display the rings ( plus it will look great on your bookshelf at home while hiding other valuables!). Make it yourself!

Of course, if you prefer the pillow, there are many beautiful options out there. You can use a vintage pillow, one passed down through your family. Or buy a new one that you can pass down. For a bit more of a modern twist on the traditional, have a custom ring pillow and tie made to coordinate with your wedding!
Boys don't have to be the only option as your ring bearer... Man's best friend is also able to help out!

Plus, they make for some pretty adorable pictures!
Bride and her pup: Fresh In Love Photography.
Handsome pooch: Allyson Magda Photography

And since you may not want to put all your trust into little hands (or paws), here's a clever and downright cute way to keep the boys involved on the big day!
These adorable flags can easily be made, and they provide something fun for the boys to run around while spreading wedding day cheer!

Until next time!
xoxo, Ellenor

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