Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Very Versatile Carnation

Gorgeous, long lasting and relatively cheap! The carnation is making its way back into chic wedding and event floral designs. With a history dating back to Greek and Roman times, we have seen the carnation fluctuate in and out of popularity. However, with designers becoming more and more creative and the carnation’s ability to be traditional, contemporary, simple or elaborate- the carnation is back in action and personally, we are loving it! Check out the images below of some of our favorite examples of the carnation’s versatility. The first two images are ours. We used these carnation arrangements to help enhance the atmosphere at a colorful and contemporary Los Angeles Baby Shower.

For these table flower balls we used solid carnations for the main centerpiece and combined carnations with yellow and green mums for the supporting arrangements on either side.

For our tall buffet arrangement we used carnations, mums, decorative branches, and chocolate lilies. However, carnations were the main flower.

I am IN LOVE with this bouquet from Martha Stewart weddings. I am dying to try something similar for one of our brides. The white is lovely but there are so many shades of carnations. The possibilities with this are endless. It is cost effective for the budget minded bride but makes a strong, classic statement.

This is an arrangement by Nancy Liu Chin Designs and was featured on Again it is relatively simple in its design but is absolutely stunning and has a wonderful presence on your table!

So, for your next big event or just to dress up a room, consider the carnation!

~ Ellenor

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